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Custom-made Flash Animated Greeting Card Design! It's great and unexpensive marketing solution to keep in touch with customers.

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Flash Ecard Design Flash Ecards can be used as direct or viral marketing tools. Your client base will be intrigued by these fun, animated and interactive postcards. They'll send them on to their colleagues, thereby marketing on your behalf.

Ecards (electronic greeting cards) are a great example of efficient marketing on the internet. You have a service open to the Internet users. The ecards they send from your site invariably contain promotion for your company, products or services. They are advertising tools that are immediate, inexpensive, personalized and although sent via email, S.P.A.M.-free.

  • Promote - promote products and services
  • Brand - create company awareness among your client base
  • Invite - invite people to seminars and events
  • Remind - send appointment reminders
  • Inform - send Client appreciation memos, Recruiting/hiring notices, etc.
  • Reference - send Birthday wishes, Holiday greetings, Thank You's, etc.

E-cards are a great solution for promoting events, celebrating holidays, and communicating with business associates, customers, clients, family, and friends.

MouseOver Media will work with you to develop a flash animated, or interacted e-card that effectively communicates your message to your target audience. Send your next business message with creativity and flair with a Flash animated e-cards. We customize each card to any occasion.

E-cards are coloful, can include music and animation, and include a large variety of subjects that may not be covered by Hallmark or the other major card companies. Being the Internet, there are plenty of "racey" or "gag" cards as well, which are finding large popularity with college students, and increasingly, even their parents. There are e-cards from everything from the sad (funerals, loss) to religious (Christian, Jew, Muslim, Hindu—you name it, if its allowed you can find it) to the irreverant. An additional popularity of e-cards is the number of cards that are just there. There are thousands of choices for cards that are just to say hello. A person can even find a card that is nothing but background, and put their own custom message in. The options are literally nearly endless.

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